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l33t ninj4s j0

pwnz0r j00r Capz0r

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we are l33t ninjas...
you must be leet to be amoung us!!

You have to have killed atleast 13 samurai, lost no fingers from disgrace, not have commited seppuku from dishonoring your family yet

j00 m(_)57 b3 e><7r3m3lly l337 70 q(_)41ify
if j00 4]23 !/\/(4p4a8bl3 0f d3(ip\-\z0]2!/\/6 7hi5 7/-/3/\/ j00 4]23/\/7 \/\/0]27|-|y

For non leet: if you can not read that you suck and are not good enough for the community and never will be!!

3vil l33t, 7|-| 1337 (_)/\/[)3]2 6]20|_|/\/[), anime, chopsticks, dir en grey, fortune cookies, fukushu, green tea, killing samurai, kuji-kiri, kung fu movies, malice mizer, megatokyo, ninja burger, ninjato, pwnz0r f001s, ramen, seppuku, shouri, shuriken, sushi, the ghetto ninja posse, the leet underground, the seppuku gang, wasabi